Mandalas for Marinke

I love mandalas! They are just fantastic, in all forms, but particularly the crocheted variety.  I may actually be obsessed! I think there are many others who feel the same but then who wouldn’t!  They are vibrant and beautiful and at the same time calming and meditative.  Crochet in itself is a brilliant craft for the mind but there is something really special about mandalas.  With such a strong pull on the mind it’s understandable they are used for spiritual guidance.

I am sure that’s why Marinke felt so attached to them.  Sadly, her love of crochet and her amazing mandalas could not have been enough to keep this talented creative soul from her struggle with depression.

I first came across Marinke’s beautiful designs earlier this year when I found her fantastic Spike Mandala.


I started (badly may I add) working on it in February.  It then became a work in progress (WIP) that was put away and forgotten about.  My usual response when my creations are much less than my idea of perfect – get angry, hide it away and forget it.

When I heard the sad news about Marinke it felt right to take out this WIP I was hiding away.  It was actually 1 of only a few WIPs that were packed in the bags when we travelled from Australia.  All the MANY others were packed in the boxes for shipping.  Yes, there have been quite a few of those very imperfect hidden away and forgotten about WIPs!

Anyway, I finished the mandala


 And wore it for #wearflowersinyourhairforMarinke


When @kvercillo of the Crochet Concupiscence blog announced on her blog she wanted to somehow bring the worldwide crochet community together to mark Marinke’s life and raise awareness about depression and so started the #mandalasforMarinke project, I wanted to get involved in this fantastic and beautiful tribute to Marinke.  I have since sent my version of Marinke’s Spike Mandala, along with another mandala I created using a pattern from@molliemakes issue 54 to be included in #mandalasforMarinke .  You can read all about this fantastic project here.  I feel very humbled to be invovled and cannot wait to see the finished art installation.  Wish I could see it in person!

On another note, I really haven’t made the best start with my blog!! Understatement of the year!  I don’t like making excuses but I really have been bogged down with so much to organise with our buying and moving and selling and settling (which has all been really unsettling).  Then the sale of our flat in Glasgow fell through so I had to get it organised to go back on the market unfortunately.  And on the market is where it firmly remains at the moment – oh worry, worry, worry.

Carry on and Be positive!!! – my motto of the moment!

Thanks for reading