Mandalas for Marinke

I love mandalas! They are just fantastic, in all forms, but particularly the crocheted variety.  I may actually be obsessed! I think there are many others who feel the same but then who wouldn’t!  They are vibrant and beautiful and at the same time calming and meditative.  Crochet in itself is a brilliant craft for the mind but there is something really special about mandalas.  With such a strong pull on the mind it’s understandable they are used for spiritual guidance.

I am sure that’s why Marinke felt so attached to them.  Sadly, her love of crochet and her amazing mandalas could not have been enough to keep this talented creative soul from her struggle with depression.

I first came across Marinke’s beautiful designs earlier this year when I found her fantastic Spike Mandala.


I started (badly may I add) working on it in February.  It then became a work in progress (WIP) that was put away and forgotten about.  My usual response when my creations are much less than my idea of perfect – get angry, hide it away and forget it.

When I heard the sad news about Marinke it felt right to take out this WIP I was hiding away.  It was actually 1 of only a few WIPs that were packed in the bags when we travelled from Australia.  All the MANY others were packed in the boxes for shipping.  Yes, there have been quite a few of those very imperfect hidden away and forgotten about WIPs!

Anyway, I finished the mandala


 And wore it for #wearflowersinyourhairforMarinke


When @kvercillo of the Crochet Concupiscence blog announced on her blog she wanted to somehow bring the worldwide crochet community together to mark Marinke’s life and raise awareness about depression and so started the #mandalasforMarinke project, I wanted to get involved in this fantastic and beautiful tribute to Marinke.  I have since sent my version of Marinke’s Spike Mandala, along with another mandala I created using a pattern from@molliemakes issue 54 to be included in #mandalasforMarinke .  You can read all about this fantastic project here.  I feel very humbled to be invovled and cannot wait to see the finished art installation.  Wish I could see it in person!

On another note, I really haven’t made the best start with my blog!! Understatement of the year!  I don’t like making excuses but I really have been bogged down with so much to organise with our buying and moving and selling and settling (which has all been really unsettling).  Then the sale of our flat in Glasgow fell through so I had to get it organised to go back on the market unfortunately.  And on the market is where it firmly remains at the moment – oh worry, worry, worry.

Carry on and Be positive!!! – my motto of the moment!

Thanks for reading



Filling in the gaps

I knew there would be even more procrastination when it came to my second blog post!  I didn’t realise there would be quite so much!

I did make a start to it several weeks ago and planned to split this filling in the blanks into a couple of parts but the actual actions of filling in the blanks seems to have taken up all my time.  Well that, and my 2 space invading little people!

I’ll just stop wittering on and confusing things and get on with it then!  The actual filling in the blanks has come to an end so I can share all now.

On return from Australia our first major operation was to sell our amazing flat before the next chapter of our lives begins.  After inspection we could see it was still an amazing flat.  But, with 5 years of being rented, it was clear there was some work to be done before it was ‘market’ ready.  We were first faced with what resembled a building site.  Work that should have already been done months before hadn’t even started, grrrrrr!
1                                             2
Once that was complete Operation ‘Market Ready’ could begin.  So along with plans of scrubbing, dusting, wiping, filling, sanding and touching up with paint, our humungously proportioned ‘bland’ flat was also in need of a humoungous injection of homely love.

3            4

The first question was, how do we go about that?

Well, we (or more procisely I) decided not to go about it with too many permanent fixtures and instead fill in the blanks mostly with various objects to bring pops of colour and interest to the spaces, places and corners of this old flat.  That way, most of the money being spent is really for us (ie. me) and not the flat – bonus! Yeah!

The next question was, where are we going to get these various objects?

Well, roughly about 95% of our possessions are either sitting in storage or were making their way, the slow way, from Australia (now in the UK) and the 5% we do have was not going to cut it when it came to filling in the gaps of this flat.  With money being quite tight after our jet setting first half of the year, there was only one thing for it!  Keeping costs to a minimum I just had to fill and style this beautiful but sparse place of ours by indulging in 2 of my favourite pastimes of making and thrifting – bonus x2! Yippeee!  There is also a bit of borrowing and a few Ikea and Tesco purchases thrown in there.

As you can imagine I set about this very eagerly indeed!  Much less eagerly I started all the other necessary work too – boo to that bit!

I set myself a budget 0f £150 (not including the other necessary work) and for that I found lots of vintage kitchenalia, fabric, tins, vases and frames/paintings and made various crocheted items and other wall decoration.  Here are some of my thrifted objects and makes for the flat (really for us, cough cough, me):


Thanks for reading and wishing you a happy day.  Hoping to make this a more active blog from now on!! Signing off with some beautiful sunflowers to finish, P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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Hello and Goodbye!

helloHello,  I am Pauline.   After a few years of wanting to start a blog I have finally taken the plunge.  I actually started taking the plunge several months ago and did plan on starting well before now.  However, with much procrastination and a little fear, I’ve left it until now.  I suppose now is as good a time as any though, right!?

So hello to the world of blogging and hello to you, whom I am very lucky  to have read this first post!  Thank you!  I am very much a newbie to the blogging thing so just setting it up felt like a bit of a mission.  Never mind putting fingers to keys….confidently!

I am also saying goodbye.  Goodbye to Australia.  Well, it has been 3 months now since my family and I actually physically left Australia but as I said…much procrastination and a little fear and here I am writing my goodbyes 3 months later!

Australia, or more procisely Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, was our home since June 2011 and before that we lived in Perth for a year.  Saying goodbye was hard.  I had my babies there and I met some beautiful women who I will never forget and with whom I hold our friendship very dearly!  I also discovered my love of crafting and thrifting in Australia and I was finding some amazing artists, designers, crafters and thrifters through social media, more recently.  I found it very exciting that I was becoming part of the Australian creative scene!  Although talented creative folks throughout the world are part of the one big online community, it is nice to be physically close to like minded people!

Don’t get me wrong, coming home to Scotland was fantastic.  I love my home country and it feels so good to be back in my absolute familiarity with my family and friends.  And I’ve also been discovering so many amazing creative folks in the northern hemisphere too.  But I do feel I have lost a little bit of myself and I am completely torn between these opposite ends of the planet!  I have been asked, will we go back?…… Lets just say never say never.

So what’s Making Polly all about you may ask.  Well, I would love to share my passions in making, design, thrifting, vintage, charity shopping and some bits and pieces of my daily life with my beautiful family.  I’d also like to share some stories of our travels and of my 2 home countries.  I will be adding lots more colourful pictures too!!

I’ll leave it there for now as I have 2 very restless little folk hovering around demanding some attention.  Thank you again for taking the time to pop in to Making Polly!  I really hope you’ll make it back again!  I think I’ll go off to do a little bit of tweaking of my new blog and next time I’ll share some of my recent makes!

Have a happy day!