Filling in the gaps

I knew there would be even more procrastination when it came to my second blog post!  I didn’t realise there would be quite so much!

I did make a start to it several weeks ago and planned to split this filling in the blanks into a couple of parts but the actual actions of filling in the blanks seems to have taken up all my time.  Well that, and my 2 space invading little people!

I’ll just stop wittering on and confusing things and get on with it then!  The actual filling in the blanks has come to an end so I can share all now.

On return from Australia our first major operation was to sell our amazing flat before the next chapter of our lives begins.  After inspection we could see it was still an amazing flat.  But, with 5 years of being rented, it was clear there was some work to be done before it was ‘market’ ready.  We were first faced with what resembled a building site.  Work that should have already been done months before hadn’t even started, grrrrrr!
1                                             2
Once that was complete Operation ‘Market Ready’ could begin.  So along with plans of scrubbing, dusting, wiping, filling, sanding and touching up with paint, our humungously proportioned ‘bland’ flat was also in need of a humoungous injection of homely love.

3            4

The first question was, how do we go about that?

Well, we (or more procisely I) decided not to go about it with too many permanent fixtures and instead fill in the blanks mostly with various objects to bring pops of colour and interest to the spaces, places and corners of this old flat.  That way, most of the money being spent is really for us (ie. me) and not the flat – bonus! Yeah!

The next question was, where are we going to get these various objects?

Well, roughly about 95% of our possessions are either sitting in storage or were making their way, the slow way, from Australia (now in the UK) and the 5% we do have was not going to cut it when it came to filling in the gaps of this flat.  With money being quite tight after our jet setting first half of the year, there was only one thing for it!  Keeping costs to a minimum I just had to fill and style this beautiful but sparse place of ours by indulging in 2 of my favourite pastimes of making and thrifting – bonus x2! Yippeee!  There is also a bit of borrowing and a few Ikea and Tesco purchases thrown in there.

As you can imagine I set about this very eagerly indeed!  Much less eagerly I started all the other necessary work too – boo to that bit!

I set myself a budget 0f £150 (not including the other necessary work) and for that I found lots of vintage kitchenalia, fabric, tins, vases and frames/paintings and made various crocheted items and other wall decoration.  Here are some of my thrifted objects and makes for the flat (really for us, cough cough, me):


Thanks for reading and wishing you a happy day.  Hoping to make this a more active blog from now on!! Signing off with some beautiful sunflowers to finish, P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx




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