Hello and Goodbye!

helloHello,  I am Pauline.   After a few years of wanting to start a blog I have finally taken the plunge.  I actually started taking the plunge several months ago and did plan on starting well before now.  However, with much procrastination and a little fear, I’ve left it until now.  I suppose now is as good a time as any though, right!?

So hello to the world of blogging and hello to you, whom I am very lucky  to have read this first post!  Thank you!  I am very much a newbie to the blogging thing so just setting it up felt like a bit of a mission.  Never mind putting fingers to keys….confidently!

I am also saying goodbye.  Goodbye to Australia.  Well, it has been 3 months now since my family and I actually physically left Australia but as I said…much procrastination and a little fear and here I am writing my goodbyes 3 months later!

Australia, or more procisely Kalgoorlie in Western Australia, was our home since June 2011 and before that we lived in Perth for a year.  Saying goodbye was hard.  I had my babies there and I met some beautiful women who I will never forget and with whom I hold our friendship very dearly!  I also discovered my love of crafting and thrifting in Australia and I was finding some amazing artists, designers, crafters and thrifters through social media, more recently.  I found it very exciting that I was becoming part of the Australian creative scene!  Although talented creative folks throughout the world are part of the one big online community, it is nice to be physically close to like minded people!

Don’t get me wrong, coming home to Scotland was fantastic.  I love my home country and it feels so good to be back in my absolute familiarity with my family and friends.  And I’ve also been discovering so many amazing creative folks in the northern hemisphere too.  But I do feel I have lost a little bit of myself and I am completely torn between these opposite ends of the planet!  I have been asked, will we go back?…… Lets just say never say never.

So what’s Making Polly all about you may ask.  Well, I would love to share my passions in making, design, thrifting, vintage, charity shopping and some bits and pieces of my daily life with my beautiful family.  I’d also like to share some stories of our travels and of my 2 home countries.  I will be adding lots more colourful pictures too!!

I’ll leave it there for now as I have 2 very restless little folk hovering around demanding some attention.  Thank you again for taking the time to pop in to Making Polly!  I really hope you’ll make it back again!  I think I’ll go off to do a little bit of tweaking of my new blog and next time I’ll share some of my recent makes!

Have a happy day!